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Price Guide & Info
My Heart Will Go On by Alektorotelumphobia
Hypo Loves Tia by Alektorotelumphobia
Nightmare Night by Alektorotelumphobia
Discord's Babies Photograph by Alektorotelumphobia
Princess Luna Papercut by Alektorotelumphobia
If I Fits, I Sits Mewtwo by Alektorotelumphobia


These are my base prices right now. I make a great deal of MLP themed art, but I am capable of drawing anything animal related. If there is something you'd be interested in having commissioned that isn't on the list, or you don't know if is considered on my list; like banners, or detailed icons. Feel free to message me, you can also message me with requests for free estimates. What I draw for you is not for resale, that include using it for product designs without my knowledge. All the art I create is for your personal enjoyment, if you want a design for a product, you must tell me in our message so I can get the proper paperwork signed to release the image for legal reasons.

Sketches: are inked monochrome, with a simple background. $2 per extra character. 

Flat color: is an inked image, with a basic background, 
or png, no shading or highlights. $2 per extra character
    Bust: $7 (Shoulders on up)
    Full Body: $10

Full Colour/Papercut: art drawings are inked, come 
with a full background, full shading and highlights, and pretty 
much the best I can possibly offer. Because there is such a 
variance in the size of projects and detail, I offer this by 
estimates. Most of these larger projects start at $15 on up.

Icons:are $5, 200x200px, inked, and with flat colour. 
If you want a background I can do that as well. 

Do you only draw MLP?
No, I just happen to have a lot of MLP themed art because I 
enjoy the show. I also have several pokemon I've drawn- 
however, I can draw you any non-human. I don't offer humans, 
or machines because I'm not very good at drawing those.
I can draw anime, but it is not my specialty. My 
best work however is of the cartoon, and fantasy variety. I 
offer mythical creatures, such as dragons, or griffins as well. I can draw peoples 
OC's or favorite characters. I have no issue with furries, or 

Payment: I will draw a basic sketch, if you want 
changes, I will fix the sketch, as soon as you like the sketch, I 
will require payment before I finish the work. I work by DA 
points, or paypal. You can monitor the progress of your art 
on my DA profile. I try and work as quickly as possible.

Art Trades:

Please message me with what you’d be interested in getting, and what sort of trade you can offer. Please don’t be offended if I decline though.

Commission Spots:

1) Steel Accord- Pastel Progress Bars - Blue %100 by Kazhmiran Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by Kazhmiran MLP OC Full color/No background
Ezekiel Commission for Freethinker5 by Alektorotelumphobia 

2) Steel Accord- Pastel Progress Bars - Blue %100 by Kazhmiran Pastel Progress Bars - Blue Paid by Kazhmiran Panderan Full color/No background
Pandaren Commission for Freethinker5 by Alektorotelumphobia 









Live Long & Prosper,


I done enough commissions, and had enough requests so far I figured I might as well get my info up. Hope this is clear, but message me with questions if you need help.


(Price based on individual sales. Do not click point button till we have agreed on the details of your order. Thank you)


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Tip Jar

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Hello everyone, just giving you an update of whats going on. As many of you know, I will be moving at the end of October since my mom is moving to Alaska to be with her new husband, my best friend GreatGoatHaberdasher is giving me a place to stay with him and his family since I was going to be homeless, and frankly, Iowa winters can be brutal and not safe to sleep in your car since it gets -10f.
I'm finally able to pack up some of my things but most of them are going into storage in my friends attic. Don't worry, my computer and art supplies will be the last to be packed up, and I should only be offline for 24hrs during my moving day, but will be back on ASAP- so if you want a commission, don't let my moving discourage you, I could totally use the money right now.
Since GreatGoatHaberdasher and his tech guy gave me a brand new custom system, I am finally making videos. I'm going to be posting some test art tutorial in the next couple of days just to try out my software. Once I figure out what I'm doing the rest of my tutorials will be posted on Patreon. I probably wont get to live streaming till after I move, and I plan to stream my daily art projects for people to just check in on and view.

I'm also sketching responses Tiamat is giving to your Ask questions....Nova has been reluctant to cooperate.


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I hope you consider donating a point, or a few.

Donate more than 10pts, and I'll give you a personal shout out in my journal for a week, as well as a link to your page.

Donate 25pts, and I'll give you a shout out on my page, as well as feature a piece of work I like from you, in my journal for a week.

Donate a subscription or 300pts, and I'll sketch you a picture as a thank you.
Live Long & Prosper,

Like my work, want to leave a tip or donation towards my housing project. Please leave a tip of however much you can. Donate $10+ and I'll draw you whatever you like. Tip Jar

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Evil Android Overlord
Artist | Professional | Artisan Crafts
United States
Art by Tati1011
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I'm a 26yr old artist and writer living in Iowa that owns her own business. I'm very crafty and I love creating all sorts of different projects I can sell- specializing in custom figures, tribal designs, and knitted crafts. I'm also a traditional medium artist; working in pencils, ink and paint. I'm currently learning digital mediums as well.
When I’m not working on my craft, I bare knuckle fight grizzly bears, swim with great white sharks and geek out and obsess over my favorite fandoms. I’m a huge trekkie and brony. I also dabble in the Supernatural fandom, Harry Potter, Hellsing, District 9 and Legion. I hope you visit my clubs and contribute your work to the gallery. :)

To check out my products for sale, please visit my store; The Evil Pie.


I also do commission work; please check out my commission page on deviantart for more information.

If you'd like to chat, note me here on deviantart or friend me on facebook and I'd be happy to make you my penpal.

If you'd like to make a helpful donation towards my housing project, I hope you can donate any little bit you can.
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Hey, actually, I've been to busy to get on any of my MLP forums. I'm moving at the end of October. My friend is letting me stay with him and his family- which I'm thankful for as up until a few weeks ago I was going to be homeless. I haven't really had the chance to focus on anything but packing, and trying to get some commission work done.
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